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A relocation of 35 miles or less within the same state.  Local moves are priced at an hourly rate.

A relocation of 36 miles or more within the same state.  Intrastate moves are priced using weight and distance applied to a tariff.  In North Carolina all licensed movers must use the Utilities Commission’s Maximum Rate Tariff.

A relocation from one state to another state.  Each interstate carrier publishes a tariff.  These tariffs are based on weight and distance.  We are an agent of Wheaton Van Lines so our interstate pricing is taken from Wheaton’s tariff. 

A relocation from one country to another.  Pricing is a combination of the local servicing agent’s rate and the International Forwarder’s rate.  Every international move is unique using a “spot quote”.  These moves are usually quoted as a flat rate.

The items being moved are not UHHG (used household goods) and are far less regulated as a result.  Pricing is usually determined using cost-plus analysis.  The Mover estimates what it will cost to do the job and adds a profit for themselves.   In some cases an hourly rate is used.  Example: XX movers for XX hours at $XX per hour.  These moves may also use a flat rate quote.

At Mather Brothers we offer all these services

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